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  1. Dilfer makes it clear that he didn’t come to San Francisco, didn’t come
    back home (Aptos High, Fresno State), to sit in a rocking chair
    and mentor Alex Smith. Dilfer has told Smith, “I am absolutely a legend in my own mind. I convince myself every snap that I am the best football player on the field.” He approaches every practice like a man desperate to win the starting job..

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    Most of the patrons abandon the cold, windswept open viewing area on top for the glass enclosed
    seating on the main deck, as I consider abandoning my lunch over
    the side. All along the Pictured Rocks we’re treated to a humorous, running commentary about
    the rock cliffs that have been eroded by eons of wind, rain and freezing weather, and painted
    in shades of brown, tan and green by the runoff of the limonite, copper, iron and
    manganese. We sail past caves, arches and a rock called the Indian’s Head.

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    Messi was too focused on cutting the ball back.
    As Lavezzi stretched to turn it in, Boateng recovered to clear..
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    Closed cell sleeping pads are a standard ‘foam’ pad, which come in a variety of shapes and
    sizes. It was at this point that the Holland
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    goal in which the righty came down the left side,
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